Our Digital Content Developer, Ramon Mayo ventured to Las Vegas for the 2017 Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference! Each year, tech, video, design, and business pros are invited to learn the latest developments in Adobe products. What better way to bring out the best in your church or ministry, than digital storytelling?

Here are 3 resources to help you take the first step towards boosting your church or ministry using digital tools:

  1. From Story Secrets of Content Creators by Christine Steele: The key to moving an audience with your content is story. The Bible is full of stories and is one long story in and of itself.
  2. From Building Your Personal Brand by Stephen Gates It’s not about what you can do but how you do what you do. What makes your ministry stand out?
  3. From Stepping Into The Spotlight by Andrew Whelan You need to know your audience. Every Sunday there are multiple people in the pews. Speak to them and understand their motivations.


Take a moment to watch one of our favorite videos about faith and work using Adobe Premiere Pro!


Ramon Mayo is a digital content developer at UMI. Since the 3rd grade, Ramon has been writing and publishing creative words for others. His words have evolved into different formats since he won his 3rd-grade poetry contest and writing hip-hop songs in high school. This all changed when he found an unexpected calling to ministry. After a stint as a pastor, Ramon has been an editor of the number one African American Biblical commentary Precepts For Living and a featured writer on UrbanFaith.com and Urban Faith magazine. 

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