Here’s a list of tips that can boost your Sunday School attendance and experience. And best of all they’re incredibly easy.

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12 Steps to Strengthen Your Sunday School

  1. Recognize the importance of the teachers and leaders. No Sunday School is

better than its leaders and teachers. So encourage the best Sunday School

teachers to serve, as poor-quality and poorly motivated teachers kill the spirit

of the Sunday School. Expect teachers and leaders to be prepared and to give

of their best.


  1. Keep a strong support system active for all Sunday School leaders and teachers.

Minister to the Sunday School leaders and teachers. Make sure that no

one serves alone, since we are workers together. Minister to the families of

teachers and leaders.


  1. Provide regular times of training and refreshment for leaders and teachers.


  1. Make the Sunday School and all of its classes pleasant, relaxed, and enjoyable

places for students to learn. The rooms should be clean and appropriately

decorated to enhance student focus on Christ-centered improvements.


  1. Use only the best available Sunday School curriculum materials. Do not settle

for what seems easier and simpler, if it is not the best. Invite the board of

Christian education, rather than individual teachers, to prayerfully and carefully

make curriculum decisions.


  1. Expect leaders and teachers to care about persons through visits, phone calls,

cards, and letters. Consider each class an ICU (intensive care unit).


  1. Minister to special needs. In every community there are special needs. Minister

to challenges among your day care and nursery children, youth, young

adults, single persons, young married persons, widowed and divorced adults,

parents of teens, midlife adults, and older adults.


  1. Sharpen leaders’ and teachers’ understanding of whatever is done. Place emphasis

on doing tasks well. Fine-tune leadership activities for maximizing results.


  1. Plan carefully and give even more attention to carrying out the plans.


  1. Go tell it on the mountain-with conviction! Promote, publicize, and persuade.


  1. Minister to the whole person and the family.


  1. Plan for intergenerational groups. Avoid too much emphasis on age; focus on

needs and concerns instead.


Adapted from Strategies for Teaching African American Adults by Alvin Lewis III

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