VBS 2017 Music CD

An upbeat mix of music specifically selected for the Glow For Jesus! VBS program! The CD contains the Glow For Jesus! theme song plus additional Scripture-based songs to supplement the lessons. Includes both vocal track and instrumental-only versions – perfect for sing-along!

Track 1: GLOWrious (Theme Song)

Track 2: Live Right

Track 3: Go Down Moses

Track 4: Send Me

Track 5: We Love

Track 6: W.I.S.E.

Track 7: Praise Him

Track 8: This Little Light of Mine

Track 9: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

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VBS 2017 Theme Song Lyrics


Written by Mark A. Peay

Lyrics by Mark Peay & Adrienne Adams



Let Your light shine down on me,

GLOWrious! GLOWrious!

For the whole wide world to see,

GLOWrious! GLOWrious

My light will shine in the land, so bright you’ll need your Raybans on, (The darkness is gone)

Let Your light shine down, light shine down,

You’ll never grow dim on me,

You’re…You’re GLOWrious!



Sometimes it’s hard to find my way

And even hard to find my place.

But I remember what my daddy said,

I remember what my momma said,

When they taught me about grace.

And I know He knows my name

And He loves me just the same

And then I do my dance and then I lift my hands and say…





Whenever I’m lost in the dark

I know that You’re not very far

Because I hear Your word and

It feels like love in my heart.

So I don’t have to be afraid,

I just stand there and call out Your name

Because Jesus I know,

You are the Light of the world!







Shine Jesus, You shine for all the world to see,

You are GLOWrious… oh!




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