Is this your VBS program?

It’s the day after VBS has ended.

The VBS director is burned out and doesn’t know if she’s up to twisting people’s arms to volunteer next year. The teachers have a bad taste in their mouths from having to find time they don’t have in order to prepare for each lesson.

The children who participated have forgotten about everything that was taught during the week. Why? They were completely bored.

The pastor doesn’t know if it would even be a good idea to spend church resources on something that doesn’t seem to engage the young people.

So what happened?

Well, the program they chose wasn’t relevant to the needs and the lives of the students. It had pictures of kids that didn’t look like them or any of the kids in church.

The program was filled with stories and lessons that had no connection to their culture. The teachers had to scramble to understand and communicate the lessons in between going to work and all the other things life threw at them.


The teachers and the children were left wondering what Jesus had to say to them. Did He have hope for their community? Did He have anything to say about their situation?

These are the problems most VBS programs will leave you with.


But UMI is different.

UMI’s 2018 Vacation Bible School program, Jesus the Kingdom Builder,  which teaches that God has given each of us gifts, talents, and abilities to employ for His glory.

Together, we can build—and rebuild—so that our families are strengthened, our churches are revitalized, and our communities can thrive.

Everything is already planned out for you to get students interested in God’s Word and for them to receive it in a compelling way. You can use it as a 5-day or a 10-day program, which gives you lessons that take the work out of preparing to teach.


Songs and lyric music videos help children praise God and reinforce the meaning of the lessons through upbeat, contemporary music.


You can teach kids while giving them a fun, immersive VBS experience!


The Jesus the Kingdom Builder Director’s Planbook gives you instructions and suggestions to make your VBS environment align with the lessons through construction stations.


Even the list of suggested snacks are connected to the meaning of the lessons!


These can all be found in the Director’s Planbook.

Don’t worry if you’re not the crafty type. This year’s VBS is full of easy-to-do activities for every age level. Our activities and crafts are fun, simple to understand, and easy to put together. UMI’s got you covered!

Your students will be drawn to their history and learn about the greatness of their past. Highlights of 10 Black towns show how African Americans worked hard to build their communities and bring glory to God!

You can show students the relevance of the lessons for today with the life application examples found in each lesson.

Additionally, each lesson leads students to apply what they have learned in their everyday life; this is the goal for every teacher, and UMI’s Jesus the Kingdom Builder has set you up for the win!

Why Choose Jesus the Kingdom Builder for Your 2018 VBS?

  • Perfect for different programs: VBS, Summer Camp or Community Outreach

  • 10 complete lessons—use for a 5-day or 10-day program

  • Age-level curriculum for preschool through adult

  • Flexible curriculum for classroom- or rotation-based program

  • Adaptable for children’s church, after-school programs, holidays, and special events

  • Easy-to-do activities and fun crafts for every age level

  • A wealth of teaching and student resources to customize your program

  • Convenient digital/downloadable resources

If you want to WOW your students and make it easier for your teachers to teach them, then you need to order UMI’s 2018 Jesus the Kingdom Builder Planning Kit and curriculum, along with themed items, crafts, and fun giveaways.