Who do you turn to for professional development?

Do you know the difference between coaching and mentoring?*

If you are not sure how to answer the above two questions, learn more about a program designed exclusively for pastors to develop and strengthen their leadership and ministry skills.


Leadership Cohort

(Partnering for a year)

Certified Coaches

The purpose of the Urban Ministry Leadership Cohort is to proactively resource ministers of the African American Christian Church for personal and vocational vitality. If you can picture this leadership cohort as a journey you will have begun in a good place. We are going to look at a diverse body of material. Some of what we will look at will come out of the Christian world, some will not. We will explore both, not afraid to respectfully examine leadership ideas, concepts, theories, realities through the lens of our Christian faith—or to be challenged by the same ideas we pursue. I urge you to enter this journey with a sense of exploration, adventure, discovery, and openness. Be willing to give and receive. It is together that we will learn the most and find the ingredients for our own leadership transformations.

Objectives for the Leadership Cohort

To add value to the ministerial community in an ongoing way.

To provide a directed formational and devotional pathway that explores leadership through a Christ-centered lens.

To connect pastors from various parts of the country through an affinity based focus, in this case – leadership.

To tap into the wisdom base of the ministerial community through a small group learning model.

To sharpen each participant’s leadership IQ, providing new lenses for helping pastors navigate the call to lead in Christ’s church.

To heighten practitioner discernment in a variety of leadership situations.


Fall Session

UMI Headquarters Office
Chicago, IL

Spring Session

Hampton University
Hampton, VA

Cost: $1,500 for the entire year

For more information call Dr. Stan Long at 1-708-832-3327.

Additional Background Information (PDFs):

* Answers to the questions above:

When a person is sharing information they are teaching or training.
When a person is sharing their experience, they are mentoring.
When a person is asking questions and listening deeply to the answers in order to take a person from where they are to where they want to be, they are coaching.

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