Successful Strategies for Teaching Across Generations

In this workshop, participants will learn about the uniqueness of each age category and the implications for teaching and spiritual development. The workshop features…

Successful strategies for teaching across generations (Preschool, Juniors, Teens, Adults)

Interactive discussion on teaching tips that work and tips that don’t work

In-depth look at getting to know your students wholistically (physically, emotionally, socially) to be able to connect with them and keep them engaged in class

Understanding spiritual development across all ages

Creative teaching techniques at every age

How to effectively use UMI’s curriculum with teaching and lesson preparation

Achieving the Ultimate Aim

UMI is pleased to offer a three-module, Teacher Training curriculum and a free-standing workshop on teaching across generations. Workshops are offered independently or as a series throughout the year in locations across the U.S.

Four Critical Points of Knowledge (Module 1)

This workshop explores four critical teaching concepts essential to effective Bible instruction: Know the Lord, Know God’s Word, Know Your Students, and Know the Ultimate Aim of Teaching – to make disciples of Jesus. Participants will also reflect on their own church teaching experiences and personal knowledge of these points as they seek to more effectively teach others.

Preparing for the Teaching and Learning Experience (Module 2)

In this workshop, participants will learn the key areas of preparation for effective teaching-learning, experience how the self-evaluation process can help strengthen teaching readiness, and review case studies for deeper application. Students will learn the O-P-E-N model of curriculum design and teaching incorporated into all UMI curriculum materials.

Tools for Transformative Teaching: Reaching the Ultimate Aim (Module 3)

The concluding module in the UMI Teacher Training series presents a series of teaching strategies to improve learning. Topics include ways to “help” the brain learn, understanding attention span, discussing learning styles, and exploration of creative teaching techniques. Participants will also discuss scenarios that explore how people learn and grow, as well as the role of technology in today’s Christian education classes.