Take your knowledge, understanding, and application of the Bible deeper with the 2019-2020 Precepts for Living® annual Bible commentary! An indispensable, convenient resource for every Bible teacher and serious student of God’s Word, this premiere commentary includes verse-by-verse study, historic and cultural background, parallel KJV/NLT text, and much more.

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A full year’s worth of in-depth Bible studies following the texts of the International Uniform Bible Lessons series.

Each weekly lesson includes:

  • 8-10 pages of commentary and applications for each day’s reading
  • Printed KJV AND NLT text for each lesson
  • In-depth verse-by-verse commentary
  • Historical and cultural background
  • Discussion, application and reflection questions
  • Greek and Hebrew word studies
  • “Say It Correctly” pronunciation guide
  • Relevant profiles of influential African Americans
  • Teaching tips and activity suggestions for 52 weekly lessons
  • Worship guide with suggested songs and devotional readings


Also Available

Large Print

The complete Precepts For Living® annual Bible commentary in larger print for easier reading.


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Pastor’s Edition

The complete Precepts For Living® PLUS weekly sermon outlines and topical outlines for holidays and special occasions.


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Personal Study Guide

The companion guide includes fill-in-the-blank questions, key points, and questions for personal reflection and application.


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