Online Coaching Center

The ONLINE COACHING CENTER is available for all your church leaders. The church pays one monthly subscription price for an unlimited number of your church leaders to access your Online Coaching Center.

The Online Coaching Center gives you and your team the opportunity to proceed through the “7 Practices” Modules at your own pace. Each Module has video teaching with instructions for personal and/or team “tasks” as you progress through each section.

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Seminary in a Box

The Capstone Curriculum is a 16-module training program, taught at a seminary level, which was specifically designed to serve as the most essential knowledge and skill learning necessary for effective urban ministry and church leadership. Each module contains its own specific list of objectives to guide mentors and students through the material. We currently have 5 modules available, but we will soon have all 16.

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UMI Leadership Cohort

The purpose of the Urban Ministry Leadership Cohort is to proactively resource ministers of the African American Christian Church for personal and vocational vitality. If you can picture this leadership cohort as a journey you will have begun in a good place. We are going to look at a diverse body of material. Some of what we will look at will come out of the Christian world, some will not. We will explore both, not afraid to respectfully examine leadership ideas, concepts, theories, realities through the lens of our Christian faith—or to be challenged by the same ideas we pursue. I urge you to enter this journey with a sense of exploration, adventure, discovery, and openness. Be willing to give and receive. It is together that we will learn the most and find the ingredients for our own leadership transformations.

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