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Preschool Playhouse

Ages 2-5

Primary Street

Ages 6-8


Ages 9-11


Ages 12-14


Ages 15-17

Urban Faith

Ages 18-34


Ages 35+

  • Ideal for Sunday School, small groups or other church classes and forums
  • Content contextualized for the African American experience and cognizant of Black history
  • All curriculum follows the International Uniform Lesson Series
  • Age-graded curriculum from preschool to adult

Teacher Guides

Teachers will benefit from the thoroughly detailed lesson plans provided every week in our Teacher Guides, written by teachers and evaluated by education experts. Each lesson provides specific objectives for knowledge, attitude, and action. UMI’s “O-P-E-N” model helps you engage your students’ attention, increase their knowledge, and discover personal applications of the lesson’s Scripture.

Student Books

All UMI lessons are based on the International Uniform Lesson Series, an internationally recognized outline prepared by a committee of ministers and Bible scholars from a wide variety of established denominations. From these weekly Scriptures, we develop complete original lessons for every age level—from Preschool to Adult—including stories, artwork, activities, and applications that appeal to students. Our materials distinctively feature ethnically inclusive illustrations and relevant content for African American Christians, helping your students see their place in God’s story.

Teaching Success Kits

A Teaching Success Kit® (TSK) for each age level provides supplementary activities, crafts, projects, and teaching aids. Visuals, quizzes, Black History profiles, posters, and more expand your teaching options and help make your class come alive.

Up-to-date lesson plans and TSKs are published quarterly. Regular subscriptions are available and sign up for special offers.